InTune with your BRAND, Your AUDIENCE & the SCIENCE

Why Use Sonic Branding

Change Customer Behaviour

Music is a universal lanugage. Through emotional experiences, sonic branding can increase acquisition, consideration and engagement from your customers or clients.

Increase Brand Recognition

Opportunity abounds where the competition is unfound. Most companies have a visual logo, but not a sonic logo. Increase brand associations, recall and awareness of your company with sound.

Maintain Brand Equity

The customer journey is convoluted and every step is an opportunity to maintain that connection. Re-inforce your sonic branding at each touch point to maintain brand strength, premium pricing and customer preference.

taking advantage of sonic branding



Phone Systems

Hold Music
Answering Machine
Message Tone
Ring Tone


Reception Music
Consulting Room


Video Presentations
Pitch Decks

Digital Content

Podcast Introductions
Videos for Website
Social Media Videos & Stories

A Strategy For your business

Customer Behaviour

Changing Customer Behaviour Through the Colourful Notes

The Colourful Notes is a short-term sonic branding strategy to change customer behaviour through royalty free or licensed music, or a playlist.

The Colourful Notes Process



Abc Avc





For more information on the Colourful Notes click the link below

Brand Recognition

Increasing Brand Recognition Through A Sonic Logo

A Sonic Logo is a medium-term sonic branding strategy to increase brand recognition through a single sonic logo or piece of music.

The Sonic Logo Process

Needs Assessment:




For more information on Sonic Logo click the link belowo

Brand Equity

Maintaining Brand Equity Through Thematic Branding

Thematic Branding is a long-term sonic branding strategy to increase brand equity through multiple variations of your existing sonic logo or ‘theme’.

The Thematic Branding Process



Abc Avc





For more information on Thematic Branding click the link below

InTune’s Values

Creating impactful sonic branding by applying musicology

Problem Solving
Creating distinctive sonic branding aligned with the client’s brand and challenges

Creating confidence in client’s ability to use their sonic assets

Creating congruent sonic branding that empowers its message at every touchpoint

Creating enduring sonic branding with versatile applications

Dr Thomas Dickson (Phd)

About Me

Dr Thomas Dickson is a musicologist with a background in music psychology, music composition and marketing. Studying his undergraduate at the University of Melbourne specialising in Interactive Composition, he has composed for over 20 short films across a range of genres. He conducted his PhD at the University of New South Wales publishing in 4 international journals and appearing on international radio, podcasts and news websites to discussed musicology. He has been employed in two digital marketing agencies managing budgets over $200k across Google, Facebook, YouTube & Spotify.

Media & Academia

Want To Discover Your Sonic Branding Strategy?

Case Study

Colourful Note: Purple

Bloom Chinese Medicine is an acupuncture clinic on the Sunshine Coast specialising in women’s health & fertility. Purple notes represent subtle relaxation of the listener without excessive distraction from the task at hand. For Bloom Chinese Medicine, purple notes can encourage a relaxed state in the patient without overshadowing the experience. Purple notes would suit the entire customer journey from advertisements, to hold music, to waiting room music and to the treatment music. Despite being a Chinese medicine clinic, Bloom integrates western functional medicine approaches and so should not be represented by oriental music.

Sonic Logo

Bloom Chinese Medicine’s sonic logo is performed with a new age ensemble including synth pads, glasslike percussion and a crystal bowl. The logo includes harp to represent the feminine and is tuned to the heart chakra in the key of F.  Motherliness is presented through a soundscape of womb sounds including a resting heartbeat. The melody repeats itself but grows in number of notes similar to a ‘’blooming flower’.  These elements create an overall feel of relaxation and warmth when the logo is heard.

Thematic Branding

Digital Marketing: Engaging, catchy & highly repetitious music to quickly familiarise the listener with the sonic logo whilst encouraging a relaxing mood.

Hold Music: An ambient variation of the sonic logo to avoid frustration associated with repetition that implements percussion to give the impression of forward motion.

Doorbell: A short and simplified sound that hints at elements of the sonic logo whilst conveying relaxation as the patient enters the clinic.

Reception: Purple Notes: a playlist that encourages subtle relaxation in preparation for the treatment but engaging enough to pass wait time.

Treatment Room: Purple Notes: a playlist that encourages strong relaxation and is differentiated to the reception music to change the state of the patient.

Colourful Note: Yellow

Yellow notes represent subtle stimulation of the listener without excessive distraction from the task at hand. For InTune Sonic Branding, yellow notes can spark enthusiasm and stimulation in the listener but without overshadowing conversations with the client. Yellow notes would suit perfectly for underscoring a pitch presentation, client strategy meetings and video information session. Yellow notes align with the sage archetype and the creator archetype. InTune Sonic Branding may need to divulge away from yellow notes in the direction of red notes for grandiose musical statements.

Sonic Logo

InTune’s sonic logo is performed on clarinet & oboe representing the ‘sage’ academic approach of the company alongside creativity through the colourful timbre of woodwind. The sonic logo is arranged in two voices each originating in different registers before coming together to become in tune, now accompanied by the sound of a tunning fork. To maintain an uplifting and energising feeling, the playstyle is staccato at moderately fast tempo.

Thematic Branding

Digital Video Ads: Engaging, catchy & highly repetitious music to quickly familiarise the listener with the sonic logo whilst supporting the video advertisement.

Short Form Video: A short & subtle version of the logo for listeners familiar with brand. Must not become annoying with repeated exposure.

Demonstrations: Powerful & versatile music to display the potential of sonic branding.

Presentation Intro: Creating confidence in clients ability to use their sonic assets. Book end each side of the presentation.

Ambience: Subtle background ambience that supports client communication whilst hinting at the sonic logo.

InTune Sonic Branding – Presentation

Presentation detail

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