Custom Low Distraction Music

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Work with Thomas Dickson to have music designed to suit your needs. 40 hours of ambient music to suit your needs.

Exclude any part of the music, choose the tempo, how much the music varies and the level of distraction/engagement

Instruments: Alpenhorn, Alto Flute, Baritone Voice, Bass Flute, Broad Sub, Cello, Cimbalom, Cimbasso, Clarinet, Clarinet Eb, Contra Clarinet, Crotales, Deep Pad, Dizi, Erhu, Fiddle, Floating Pad, Flute, Gamelan, Guitar, Harp, Kalimba, Kora, Koto, Mandolin, Music Box, Oboe, Ocarina, Pan Flute, Piano, Piccolo Flute, Pizz, Rhodes, Shakuhachi, Shamisen, Sinister Pad, Slow Wobble Sub, String Bass, Synth, Tenor Voice, Trombone, Ukulele, Vibraphone, Viola & Violin.

Drums: 532hit, Afoxe, Agogo, Bass Drum, Cajon, Clave, Darabuka, Dholak, Djembe, Dumbek, Ewe, Fragments, Frame Drum, Hang Drum, Jug Kick, Maracas, Palmas, Plate, Pot Plant, Rakatak, Shaker, Synth Drum, Tabla, Taiko Drum, Tambourine, Temple Block, Ticki Ticki, Timbale Rim, Timbale Shell, Toms, Triangle Muted & Udu.

Ambience: Beach, Birds, Cattle, Corina, Dunes, Electronic, Fire, Forest, Frogs, Jungle, Medium Room, Morning lake, Mountain, Night time, Noise, Old Film, Outback, Quiet Traffic, Rain, Rain Car, Rain Indoors, Sailboat, Satellite, Sea Cave, Small Room, Space, Stream, Thunder, Trickling Creek, Underwater, Vinyl, Waterfall, Waterfall Cave, Whales, Wind, Windy Desert, Winter Lake & Wooden Ship.

Sound Effects: African Metal, African Rain, Angelic, Anklungs, Anvil, Bamboo Sticks, Bass Boom, Bell, Berkete, Bowed Cymbal, Brakes, Castanets, Chimes, Church Bell, Clang, Click, Clock Chime, Cowbell, Creaky Pedal, Deep Drip, Dholak, Digital Shaker, Ding, Drip, Echo, Electricity, Fan Click, Fram Drum Roll, Giant Buddha Bell, Hologram, Hyperspace, Landing, Large Ewe, Large Riq, Malaysian Djembe, Metal Bridge, Metal Clang, Om, Rain Stick, Rattle, Ride, Singing Bowl, Splash, Steam, Swoosh, Tambourine, Thai Gong, Tibet Bell, Triangle, Twang, Water Splash, Whale, Whales, Windchimes, Wineglass, Wood, Wood Chimes & Woosh.


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