Non-Distracting Music for Ambiance


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Music that is too distracting can interrupt or interfere with a relaxing experience. Excessive distraction is the number 1 reason individuals avoid using music for sleep.

This recording was composed by A.I. to create an ultra-low distraction soundscape to support a relaxing environment. The A.I. was developed by Dr Thomas Dickson, PhD in the Psychology of Music for Sleep (University of New South Wales) and Honours in Contemporary Music (University of Melbourne). Using a new style of evolving thematic development, the music subtly but continuously changes over 9hrs to avoid any startling or distracting sounds. The music makes use of a variety of compositional techniques to avoid musical tension, resembling a rain-forest of musical instruments, each independent from one and other.

This version of ‘Non-Distracting Music for Ambiance’ is accompanied by rain sounds to drown out unpleasant situational background sounds. To encourage relaxation, whooshing sounds accompany the music to entrain a slower breath rate of 5 breathes per minute.

This style of ambient music is ideal for sleep, relaxation, yoga, acupuncture and massage.




Nature Sounds

  • Can lead to boredom & failing to distract from stressful thoughts

Low-Distraction Music

  • Maintains attention to encourage relaxation & distract from stressful thoughts

Distracting Music

  • Can be too engaging & distract from relaxation

Features of Low-Distraction Music

  • Slow tempo for relaxation.
  • Minimal high frequencies making it easy for practitioners to talk over.
  • Includes sounds to encourage a relaxed breath rate.
  • Includes background nature sounds to drown out unpleasant location ambience such as outside traffic.
  • A unique soundscape for your clients to associate with your premise
  • Smooth transitions to improve patient experience







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